Accident Repair Centre


Fast and Efficient Repair Service

The accident repair centre at HFS is up and running over 15 years and is nearly the only one of its kind to offer solely a repair centre for agricultural tractors and machinery and builder's plant in Northern Ireland.  Our dedicated and professional staff will assist you at every stage in the aftermath of an accident.

Here, at HFS accident repair centre, we understand that having an accident can be a traumatic experience.  Our team is committed to providing you with the most helpful and considerate service, in order to help your life return to normal as quickly and easily as possible.  The experience of our dedicated staff will help you back on the road or into your field.


When your world seems upside down we will help turn it around

We will:

  1. Recover your vehicle (no matter what??).
  2. Store your vehicle in a compound on-site, before, during and after repairs.
  3. Provide you with a hire vehicle for the duration of any repairs (terms and conditons aply)
  4. Carry out a thorough damage assessment and provide your insurer with a repair estimate.
  5. Liase with your Insurance company and assessor to get repairs agreed.
  6. Complete any repairs to the highest possible standards.
  7. Clean your vehicle before it is returned to you.


Your choice

Remember, that although your insurer may suggest their approved garage to you, it is ultimately the policyholder who has the choice as to where you wish to have your vehicle repaired.  At HFS, we are recognised by all the major leadiing insurance companies in Northern Ireland, UK and Republic of Ireland.